PPN Coppicing Workshop With Tribal Youth


Earlier this spring as part of our FWS grant we conducted a coppicing workshop for tribal youth and visitors. The workshop was attended by 30 Pinoleville Native American Head Start students as well as tribal environmental directors and staff from all over Mendocino County.

Each of the participants were shown examples of what coppicing and how it helps via the traditional art of cutting of trees and shrubs to ground level allowing vigorous regrowth and a sustainable supply of straight shoots for basketry and timber for future use. The coppiced pieces of willow were given to each of the PNAHS students who planted them in water to allow for replanting in the following months as part of our Earth Day Activities in April.

As part of the workshop, attendees were presented this Coppicing Handbook which explained the traditional uses of coppicing by Native Americans as well as its purpose and when are the best months to for its use.