Ackerman Creek Restoration Project

Our work on streambank restoration and revegetation got started this week along Ackerman Creek. The project is part of our work with US Fish and Wildlife Service. This is one of the areas of Ackerman Creek where we hadn’t begun any replanting or streambank stabilization, so it was much needed. Anna Birkas of Village Ecosystems (pictured below) helped lead us.

The bio-engineered method we utilized gave us a willow wall (pictured below) that will bond with the streambank to help prevent erosion. The process starts with hammering in willow stakes at least two feet in depth. That allows them to root and remain alive, even when the creek is dried up in the summer. Once a series of stakes are in, you begin weaving pieces of willow back and forth through the stakes. This creates a basket-like weave that’s incredibly strong. After weaving to the top of the stakes, we filled the area between the willow wall and the stream bank with more willow pieces to promote rooting.

We’ll be adding more of these willow walls along that area to help improve and preserve the habitat. The next steps will include revegetation of the area surrounding this portion of the creek to help prevent non-point source pollution like stormwater runoff. Stay tuned!