Collaborative Oak Restoration Workshop

A few weeks back, Jin Rou Shr, a nun, teacher and environmenalist from the City of Ten Thousand Buddhas (CTTB) reached out and asked for help with her Oak Restoration work — particularly protecting oak seedlings. Luckily, we have Gabe at hand who has a bevy of knowledge relating to Oak Restoration. He helped pull together a step-by-step guide on how to create barriers around oaks (also known as tree loops), to protect them from deer and squirrels, during their especially vulnerable early stages as seedlings.

The guide was created to be as cheap as possible and easy to reproduce, considering Jin Rou Shr will be planting at a hundred-some different locations. These protective tree loop barriers are effective and can be made from both new and recycled materials. After our workshop curriculum was whipped together – we gathered or gloves, chicken wire, measuring tape, and stakes – packed the trunk and headed on over to the City of Ten Thousand Buddhas.

There we met up with Jin Rou Shr along with the High School English teacher Kim Duong, and the Principal of the Developing Virtue Secondary Girls School (DVGS) and Instilling Goodness Elementary Girls School (IGGS),  Jin Jr Shr. The Developing Virtue Secondary Girl School students from the Community Service Club were at attendance as we laid out the material and Gabe guided us through a hands-on tutorial on creating the tree loops. Here are some snapshots we took of the first (we hope of many) Oak Restoration Workshop at CTTB, check them out: