Compostable Products Outreach At Pinoleville Head Start’s Christmas Program


One of our continued tasks as part of our General Assistance Program grant from EPA is to conduct outreach involving Pinoleville Native American Head Start and the local community. This year our department decided to keep its focus on one of PNAHS’ biggest events, its Christmas Program at SPACE Theater, as a way to conduct solid waste and compostable products outreach to the hundreds in attendance.

PNAHS typically offers snacks to the families following the event, and we recognized this would be a perfect opportunity to expose them to biodegradable and compostable dinnerware. But what does that mean? Basically, compostable products mean they include biodegradable material combined with both organic and inorganic material, which produces compost in a commercially controlled composting facility. That means all the food waste can be added to a well-maintained compost pile or your waste facility’s composting program instead of going into a landfill!

Just like last year, we provided compostable plates and silverware for the attendants as we as handouts that provided tips on “Easy Ways To Host A Green House Party This Holiday” and some “Easy Ways To Reduce Waste.” You can download or print the “Green House Party” and “Ways To Reduce Waste” handouts by following the links.

In all, our compostable products outreach was another successful event as we look to educate Pinoleville Pomo Nation Citizens, families and more. Don’t forget to look over the benefits of compostable products in the graphic below.