Earth Day with Pinoleville Native American Head Start


Each year on April 22 we celebrate Earth Day with the Pinoleville Native American Head Start. Last year, we played a “Recycling Hunt” game in the Head start playground. Feel free to check out least year’s Earth Day event here: 2015 Earth Day, to see photos and instructions for the “Recycling Hunt” activity.

This year – we incorporated our newly built rain water catchment system. All the students from the Head Start came decked out in old t-shirts to help decorate the new water tanks. We gave them a quick tour of the entire system, including the solar powered pump. Then we walked them through the journey that the rain water takes: from the tin roof, into the gutters, then the tanks and eventually into our native plant garden. The kids were excited to get in the paint, and before we knew it, the tanks were painted in vibrant streaks and handprints.

Check out some of the photos from our Earth Day celebration below!