Environmental Science Filmmaking – Our EPA Region 9 Conference Presentation

If you visited our presentation this week at the annual Region 9 Tribal EPA Conference in San Francisco, we’ve preserved the presentation here. If you didn’t get to visit, our session focused on environmental science filmmaking using cost-effective methods. Camera equipment can be expensive, but with a smart phone you can create simple and effective outreach videos, tutorials and films.

We’ll cover essentials like, choosing content, storyboarding, scripting, on-screen presence, filming, capturing audio, editing and so much more. You’ll find those elements, as well as resource links to help further your education.

We’re very excited to share this presentation with you as we’ve been focusing on environmental science filmmaking for the better part of two years. If you have any further questions you want to ask us, feel free to shoot us an email. You can reach both Zack and Ilena via email anytime you want. Good luck in creating your own videos.

You can download a PDF of our presentation here: Environmental Science Filmmaking