Harvest Fridays Return To Pinoleville Head Start


With a new school year comes the proud return of our Harvest Fridays program. In order to provide the younger generation with healthy, non-GMO produce options we harvest the latest herbs, spices and vegetables from our garden and distribute them for free at Pinoleville Native American Head Start every Friday from 11 am through noon. It’s an exciting way to involve the parents, families and staff at Pinoleville, and the results show.

As you can see from the slideshow above, countless families and students stop by each Friday to see what we’ve got to offer. Our most recent Harvest Friday featured jalapeños, tomatoes, Lebanese squash, cucumbers and more. Each week’s offerings vary depending on what we’ve got ready, but you can be sure it’s there for you. Check out our Event Calendar to see our schedule through 2014.

Check out this flyer for our Harvest Fridays — and make sure to tell a friend!