Harvest Fridays: Summer Recap


Our weekly Harvest Fridays outreach at Pinoleville Native American Head Start are in full effect for the summer. If you’re not familiar, or a new parent to the program, each Friday we package the latest goods from our garden to distribute to Head Start families for free. Some weeks we’ve given away native seeds, plant starts like tomatoes, blueberries and more. Most importantly, we also distribute our organic, non-GMO harvested vegetables and fruits to the families.

The warm temperatures couldn’t hold us down this summer as we’ve got multiple varieties of tomatoes, peppers, corn, Swiss chard, sweet corn and so much more. We even took the time to harvest some wild blackberries, which the students have loved. And the best part is we’ve been watering all year using the 15,000 gallons of rainwater we harvested via our rainwater catchment system!

If you’re near Pinoleville Native American Head Start on Fridays you can usually find us, weather permitting, offering up our latest goods from 11:30 am until noon.