Hopland Band Of Pomo Indians Earth Day – Outreach

Earth Day April 1, 2022
Hopland, CA

On April 1, Pinoleville Pomo Nation’s EPA Department attended the Earth Day event hosted by the Hopland Band of Pomo Indians.
We handed out outreach flyers pertaining to water conservation and climate change. Along with the outreach flyers we handed out small buckets, a brown bag of soil, an Earth Day themed seed sprout, Earth Day themed stickers, and an Earth Day themed word search. We demonstrated to adults and kids what to do with the buckets, soil, and stickers that we gave them. The buckets were to be the planter pot, the soil was to be poured into the buckets and the seed would be planted and watered once in the soil.
The idea was to get kids and adults involved with planting and to educate others so that they have a better understanding of planting and why plants are important to the Earth and the environment.
Overall, it went well and we were able to give out all the supplies that we purchased to hand out at the event.

Bernadette Mora- PPN EPA Director
707-463-1454 ext 165
Dakota Perez Gonzalez- PPN Water Resource Specialist
707-463-1454 ext 164