Hopland Kids in the Creek

On the 31st, we had a table at the Hopland Kids in the Creek event. The theme for this year’s event was, ‘Water Protectors’, so we pulled together a fishing game for the kids. Each fish had a magnet, and each fishing rod had a string with a magnet at the end of the string. The kids would fish for a fish, and once they caught a fish they could open a pocket on its side that had a picture of compost, trash or recycle food the fish had eaten in the waterway. This idea was to encourage stewardship and reduce littering – so that further down the road, your trash doesn’t wind up in the bellies of fish. Once the kids figured out what the fish had eaten, they had to throw the fish into bins according to whether or not the food was compostable, recyclable or trash. It was a huge success and even kids as young as two were able to participate one way or another.