How To Develop A Department Website – Our EPA Conference Presentation

At the most recent EPA Region 9 Annual Conference in Reno, we presented a session on how to develop a department website. If you missed the session, or wanted to revisit our presentation, we’ve got you taken care of.

In the Prezi doc above, we cover all the basics of how to develop a department website. From hosting to choosing your platform, it’s all there. We even cover important topics like the design and organization before diving into content. Within the content section, we’ll discuss story types, photos, creating your own videos and infographics as well as downloads are more. We also feature a wide list of resources to help get you started. You’ll find resources for determining your URL, some Native American web designers, hosts and more.

We’re very excited to share this presentation with you as we’ve been developing this website for the better part of a year. If you have any further questions you want to ask us, feel free to shoot us an email. You can reach both Zack and Ilena via email anytime you want. Good luck in learning how to develop a department website.

Download a PDF of our Presentation here: How-to Create A Website For Your Environmental Department