Illegal Dumping Stinks! INFOGRAPHIC

Illegal Dumping Stinks!

Illegal dumping is an issue every community faces. In 2019, it’s time to stop illegal dumping and be mindful. We’ve created a simple infographic about why illegal dumping stinks. Feel free to download a copy and share it with your community courtesy of CalTrans.

Illegal Dumping Facts

Appliances — if you dump alliances they can very quickly release volatile toxins into the ground that will ultimately pollute the ground water as well as streams and rivers like Ackerman Creek here at Pinoleville.

Furniture — Illegal dumping of old furniture is a hazard for many reasons. For starters, old furniture doesn’t break down quickly and can be a safety hazard. Even worse, the furniture can become a fire hazard as it dries up and helps to provide more fuel for wildfires like the Mendocino Complex Fire that plagued this area last fall.

Vegetation — Even though vegetation like leaves and branches are organic matter, they’re hazardous when it comes to illegal dumping. As piles of leaves and branches decompose, they can possibly present toxins present on the leaves into the groundwater table. And most importantly those piles of leaves are huge piles of fuel for wildfires. Not only can the vegetation pollute when decomposing, it can pollute when burning!

These are just a few things to think about when it comes to illegal dumping and its hazards. Feel free to share this flyer with your local community to prevent illegal dumping. You can download a copy right here.