SCOUR CREATED BELOW SITE #5The physical in-stream restoration of Yamo-Bida began in the summer of 2009 with the installation of log and boulder structures in parts of the creek near the western borders of the PPN boundary. Those installations were pilot projects to increase the amount of in stream habitat for Steelhead and Chinook salmon. Since then, we have worked with our engineering partners to install over 1,500 feet of bioengineered willow walls/mats/brushes/baffles, log and boulder structures to create scouring pools, increase depth, catch and remove sediment from the channel, improve bank stabilization and ultimately increase the amount of suitable spawning habitat for our yo-sha (fish) relatives.

Willow Brushes - Site 6Invasive species (non-native) plant eradication is an ongoing battle in California that requires consistent maintenance. Our efforts began with the clearing of blackberries at the Native plant garden many years ago. Ackerman creek has one of the largest infestations of Arudo donax in the Russian River watershed. Over the last 5 years we’ve been able to knock back some larger stands, but, the majority of our efforts at eradicating the Arundo and Blackberry will come with the start of our North Coast Resource Partnership (NCRP) grant.