photo 4The Pinoleville Pomo Nation Environmental Department works to reduce pollution, promote recycling, and improve the environment through outreach and other activities. Solid waste management is an important part of preserving the natural resources within the Pinoleville Pomo Nation. We continue both routine waste management and special clean up activities. Routine activities include transferring household hazardous waste to appropriate facilities, as well as used appliances and tires.

Focusing on continued clean up will help protect groundwater and Ackerman Creek, remove hazards to human and animal health, re-vegetate and beautify PPN lands, and allow PPN to pursue more productive land uses, including restoring the Native Plant Garden, building greenhouses and gardens, planting fruit and fiber trees, and developing 4-H and other environmental education programs.

In the past six years, the PPN has removed more than nine 30-yard containers worth of waste, recycled more than 250 lbs of aluminum, and has found a use for five trailer frames. With funding from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, we have developed a plan for on-going collection of solid waste at the PPN administrative center.