5266171_printThe Pinoleville Pomo Nation Environmental Department looks to sustainability through the promotion of renewable energy, sustainable communities and green technologies. The goal while examining sustainable practices and technologies is to maintain culture and tradition throughout the generations. The focus is to create projects to utilize renewable energy while incorporating cultural and traditional values and promoting self-sufficiency.

Some of the department’s recent endeavors include a renewable energy feasibility study from the Department of Energy. Within that study, PPN examined the feasibility of solar, wind and biogas energy sources within the boundaries of the Pinoleville Pomo Nation.

The department also looks to sustainability through building practices. The “co-design” process of the prototype homes along Pinoleville Road focused on weaving together the various energy technologies in building designs. The goals were to examine low cost energy efficiency through natural materials to yield net zero or positive energy buildings.

The sustainability activities completed and currently underway are detailed below.