Pinoleville Native American Head Start — Fall Harvest Fridays Recap


A fruitful summer garden helped to make the return of Harvest Friday at Pinoleville Native American Head Start another massive success. In case you’re a new parent in the program, or are just finding out about Harvest Friday from this site, here’s the basics. In order to provide the younger generation with healthy, non-GMO produce options we harvest the latest herbs, spices and vegetables from our garden and distribute them for free at Pinoleville Native American Head Start every Friday from 11 am through noon. It’s an exciting way to involve the parents, families and staff at Pinoleville, and the results show.

This year we expanded our garden after relocating it, and our options have increased. In addition to the peppers, jalapeños, tomatoes and spice we offered before, we added some fruits. This year found us offering up watermelons to the families as well as cantaloupe and strawberries. We also had quite a successful run of lady finger egg plants and tomatillos this year.

As we begin to transition our garden over to winter plants, we hope you continue to join us each Friday at Pinoleville Native American Head Start for Harvest Friday. Can’t remember when? Download our flyer (right click, choose ‘save as’)