Pinoleville Summer Clean-Up Wrap-Up


As part of our work on solid waste, the Pinoleville Pomo Nation Environmental Department conducted as summer cleanup for Pinoleville Citizens. The week-long event worked to prevent dumping on Pinoleville land while also educating its Citizens about solid waste and available green features like biodegradable trash bags. Citizens were provided with a set of work gloves, disposable gloves and biodegradable trash bags to remove any non-hazardous materials from their homes. Once the bags were full, Gabe, Xavier and Arylis arranged with the citizens times for trash pickups, which were completed with our electric vehicle. The event was a massive success as evidenced by the 20 yard dumpster, which was filled to the brim.

The department also worked to make special arrangements for Citizens with hazardous wastes like white goods and more. The hazardous wastes collected included old televisions, printers, paint and more, which were disposed of by PPN staff with the aid of Waste Management.