Renewable Energy Feasibility Study Presentation for DOE


One of the final deliverables for our Department Of Energy Feasibility Study, our Environmental Director Zack presented the findings of the study at the three-day DOE Tribal Energy Program Review in March. The event brought together Tribes from across the nation to discuss the results of their varying DOE grants. From solar arrays in New Mexico to rainwater catchment in Arizona, all realms of renewable energy were explored at this highly informative event.

The slideshow, assembled by Dr. Ryan Shelby, discussed our findings when examining solar, biogas and wind energies as part of the study. Within the presentation, you’ll find the details of the study which looked at the viability of three different solar arrays on Pinoleville grounds as well as the availability of biogas within the area. The findings from the anemometer installation are also included.

Follow this link to view the entire Renewable Energy Feasibility Study presentation.