Composting from Home: A Step-By-Step Guide

Last week our WQS Ilena conducting a step-by-step composting outreach lesson for Pinoleville Pomo Nation staff, citizens and more. The lesson coincides with outreach efforts as part of our EPA GAP and 319 grants where we work to enlighten people about solid waste and ways to improve non-point source pollution.

In an effort to maintain the green appeal and work with our Prototype Homes, the lesson helped provide those present with ways to eliminate even more waste from the waste stream than simple recycling. The 15-minute presentation covered all of the ins and outs of composting in an easy-to-follow lesson. The topics covered included: getting started, the materials you’ll need and a comprehensive list of what is and what isn’t good to include in your compost bin. Those in attendance also came away with a handy Composting 101 magnetized handout that you can display on your fridge. You can download your own copy of the Composting Handout here (right click, save as).

You can watch the video above to get the full scoop AND you can even follow along with the embedded Power Point-style Prezi composting presentation below. Hopefully this presentation will help you start your own at-home composting too!


Composting Outreach Handout