The Pinoleville Quality Assurance Project Plan

Here we have attached a copy of the PPN Environmental Department’s Quality Assurance Plan (QAPP). This document was written by our previous Environmental Director David Edmunds, and it has been an incredibly helpful source of information since his departure. Hopefully this insightful chunk of knowledge can prove to be as helpful to you as it has been for us. While all Quality Assurance Project Plans differ based on your area and body of water, this should give you a good idea of the protocols we follow in monitoring water near Ackerman Creek.

A Quality Assurance Project Plan documents the planning, implementation, and assessment procedures for a particular project, as well as any specific quality assurance and quality control activities. It integrates all the technical and quality aspects of the project in order to provide a “blueprint” for obtaining the type and quality of environmental data and information needed for a specific decision or use. All work performed or funded by EPA that involves the acquisition of environmental data must have an approved Quality Assurance Project Plan.source: EPA

As we said, our QAPP helps outline the purpose of our water and land sample testing along the Pinoleville Pomo Nation boundaries and Ackerman Creek. It plots out how, when and where the water quality samples take place. It’s an easy to read how-to guide that has helped us evaluate our previous testing habits, detecting successful and unsuccessful practices and helping us hone-down on better locations and times for testing.

Check out our QAPP PDF here: Pinoleville QAPP