Turn Off The Lights! INFOGRAPHIC

Battling climate change is a game of inches. Every little thing you can do will help. A simple way to help against climate change is making sure you turn off the lights when leaving a room.


Well here’s some facts on why turning off the lights can help stop climate change:

  1. only 10% of a light bulb’s electricity is used to make light. The rest of just wasted energy.
  2. Wasted energy from running light bulbs can heat your home and force you to run an air conditioner, which uses even more unnecessary energy.
  3. The energy wasted from running light bulbs in turn forces power plants to work harder and create more pollution by burning fossil fuels and speeding up climate change as astounding rates
  4. Burning more fossil fuels to run power plants to power needless light bulbs creates air pollution

These are just a few of the reasons why turning off your lights is one little task you can complete to help stop climate change.

Take a look at our infographic below. You can save a copy by right clicking and choosing “save as.”

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