VIDEO: How To Avoid Toxins in Your Home

As a follow-up to our recent outreach, we conducted a special session on how to avoid toxins in your home for Pinoleville staff, Citizens and Head Start families. Because we want the public to have access to the session 24/7, we filmed it to preserve it here on our website.

What you’ll see above is the first half of our education and outreach session on how to avoid toxins in your home. With help from EPA and DEEP, we assembled a group of products (toxic and non-toxic) to give you ideas about how you can implement some of these toxin-reducing strategies in your home. Withing the session we discussed alternative products for the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and more. We also covered the different toxicity levels labeled on products and how to read those labels. Additionally, we included tips on how to store your cleaning products and how to minimize your exposure to these chemicals.

If you’ve ever shopped around for safe alternatives to cleaning products, then you know the selection is constantly growing. That’s why we finished the session off with some ways you can search the Internet for rankings of alternative products (based on toxicity levels) via the Environmental Working Group’s search engine.

Enjoy the “How To Avoid Toxins in Your Home” video above, and you can follow along with the Prezi presentation below. If you have any questions, don’t be afraid to contact us! We’re happy to help provide you any assistance you might need. Don’t forget to check out our safe alternative products pamphlet, too.

We’d like to give a special thanks for their help and providing the content and resources used in the PowerPoint Presentation to Mary Sherwin and Judith Prill from the Office of Pollution Prevention, Division of Planning of Program and Development Connecticut Department and Energy Protection.

To learn more about ‘Household Alternatives for Reducing Toxic Products in Your Home’ visit: The Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection Website