Watch GRID Alternatives Install Solar Panels at Our Prototype House

Enjoy this time lapse video of GRID Alternatives installing solar panels at the first of our two prototype homes. The video gives you an idea of the full day process that the GRID Alternatives staff and its volunteers go through during the installation process.

Prior to this video, the crew had visited the house to do some light prep work including the braces seen on the roof to provide safety during the installation. Tribal Council Member and prototype home resident Veronica Timberlake played host to the crew along with family. She prepared an agenda with a traditional Northern Pomo greeting (Tsin ta ma:na) for the day to let the crew know when her snacks and refreshments were ready. The end result is one of our most successful collaborations to date, and the final piece in bringing as many energy efficient technologies into the first prototype house that we can find!

Enjoy the select pictures below from during the installation courtesy of GRID. And to see more, visit their Flickr page. If you enjoy our video above, then check out our Vimeo page where there’s more videos like these waiting for you.


Thanks GRID Alternatives