Watch Pinoleville Pomo Nation YouthBuild Expand Our Restoration Nursery

At the Pinoleville Pomo Nation collaboration is the name of the game, and last week brought us an exciting opportunity. As a chance to complete some construction training, the Pinoleville Pomo Nation YouthBuild Program came by to help expand our restoration nursery. The expansion was a two-day project that nearly doubled the size of our nursery with a high quality shade structure. The project started with PPNYB students setting the support poles the first day, and completing the project the next.

The beautiful arbor allows us to extend our restoration work to include hundreds of more plants. Additionally, the new construction will offer us a chance to provide the native plants used in our projects different environments. For plants that need an enclosed area our restoration nursery is still available while the shade structure/arbor can become home to some of the more hearty plants.

This isn’t the first time our Environmental Department has collaborated with Pinoleville Pomo Nation YouthBuild, and it certainly won’t be the last. We’re grateful for their assitance. If you’d like more information on the Pinoleville YouthBuild, contact them by phone at (707) 467-9014. You can also visit their office at 171 Brush Street, Unit B in Ukiah.